About the book

Follow a child's dream of chocolate cake as it ultimately becomes a tasty reality. When You Dream of Chocolate Cake is a sweet tale of a mother's love expressed through baking.

Published by Two Blondies Press

ISBN 978-0-578-70269-8

In the details

The illustrations of this book reflect my daughter, Ania. I thought one main character would give clarity to young readers. But, the illustrations in the second book of the series will focus on my son, Adam. I couldn't leave him out of this one, though! You'll find his adorable diaper butt crawling in the doorway of page 13, his favorite dinosaur toy on page 14, and his baby pictures on page 16. There's more of him, can you find all the details?

Also in Polish

Dziecięce marzenie o torcie czekoladowym staje się smakowitą rzeczywistością. Słodka opowieść o miłości matki wyrażonej poprzez pieczenie.

Two Blondies Press

ISBN 978-0-578-70820-1


"Baking for my family has always been the way I speak my love language. Since my children were babies, they’ve been in the kitchen baking with me. The inspiration behind this story was the first time I baked in the kitchen with both of them. I was a very new mom of two-under-two. A toddler at my side and a baby in the swing, we successfully made our first chocolate cake. I can't remember if the cake was any good, but it's a memory I'll have for the rest of my life."

Tianna Gawlak

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